Celec laser land leveler is perfect for agriculture laser guided land leveller which aim to ensure water conservation. Laser guided land leveler fuel consumption for laser land leveller is 4 Liters/hr.  Rotary laser level transmitter works up to 1500 meters, laser land leveler accuracy 1 mm at 100 Feet along with works at high temperature. Wireless and touch control. Especially rotary laser receiver operates fully under HT lines.

Celec has in house manufacturing, research , development and testing center for Laser Land Leveler. Celec Pro-5000 laser guided land leveller helps to get the maximum yield of crops perfect for agriculture farms and  Subsidy approved in India.

Benefits of precise laser land leveling:-

  • Saves irrigation water up to 35%
  • Reduced weed in agriculture field
  • Increase in farming area up to 3.5%
  • Increase in productivity up to 50%
  • Reduced farm operating time by 10%
  • Assist tap soil management
  • Saves fuel/electricity used in irrigation
  • Saves labor cost


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