Power Quality


Power quality refers to the ability of electrical equipment to consume the energy being supplied to it. A number of power quality issues including electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance impact on the efficiency of electrical equipment. This has a number of consequences including:

  • Higher energy usage and costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Equipment instability and failure

Energy management is an important consideration for any business, and it is critical that power quality be assessed as part of any energy management strategy.


As mentioned above, power quality issues fall generally into three broad categories.

  1. Harmonic voltages and currents – are introduced by a range of common electrical devices which distorts the AC wave form and increases power usage. By introducing harmonic filters or reactors the harmonics are eliminated and the result is more efficient power usage and cost savings.
  2. Poor power factor – refers to an excess of reactive power in the system. This reactive power does not perform any real work and as such is wasteful and costly. Power Factor Correction (PFC) reduces and can almost eliminate this reactive power, reduce energy costs and stop equipment overheating, nuisance tripping and motor failure.
  3. Voltage instability – is in part a side effect of the high or low voltage electricity supply from the network. High voltage does not increase equipment power and is detrimental to equipment performance and longevity, and low voltage can cause brown outs and reduced productivity. Voltage optimisation ensures the voltage supplied to the system is stable as required by the equipment on site.


Our aim to improve power quality issues, optimise power usage, reduce power costs and increase safety and compliance, outcomes critical to energy intensive sectors such as mining, industrial, commercial and power utilities.
Our team of highly qualified and skilled engineers can assist in providing a power quality solution to suit specific applications. Comprehensive system support and analysis ensure your installation is performing at its best.
Celec has helped many well recognised organisations to solve their power quality issues and are well respected in the industry for providing comprehensive and customised solutions.