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CELEC Land Leveler – Long Range, Highly Accurate, High temperature working with Innovative Cross-Axis Compensation Feature can check itself and self calibrate in field, Touch Control for easy working. Leveling Accuracy of ± 1 mm at 30 meter.

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Power Factor Relays

Celec Power Factor Relays are very easy to install and does not in any manner prove difficult to understand. It is also small in size which only facilitates the ease of installation. The intelligent capacitor status indicator of this apfc with display is one innovative idea.

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Residential Power Factor Control Panel

Designed for Home, Commercial & Industrial use to ensure the best possible energy saving. The Smart Power Factor Controllers will also increase the power quality by removing harmonics caused by computers and other electronics, motors run cooler and more efficiently.

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Industrial Power Factor Control Panel

The power generated by inductive as well as magnetic loads in order to create a magnetic flux is known as reactive power which is a non-working power. With low power factor there is an increase in the need of energy to meet industry demands, this decreases the efficiency.

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Technical Explanation of Power Factor

Total power (KVA) consist of real power KW (Power consumed in Phase) and Reactive Power kVAr ( Power consumed out of Phase).
The Power Factor is ratio between real power and total power,
If load is running for H hours.
Then Total Power = kVAr, Real Power + Kwh, Power Factor = Kwh / kVA

Benefits of Improved Power Factor

* Removal of Low power factor penalties.
* Reduction in Demand Charges and core losses.
* Decrease I2 R Losses 4 times.
* Reduction in electrical breakdown.
* Saving on electric bills.
* Reduced CARBON Emission.
* Improvement of line voltage.

How To Improve Power Factor Automatic ?

In automatic control, Automatic Power Factor Control Relay keeps on sensing the power factor all the time and gives suitable signals to contactors connected to the different value capacitors. By fine tuning of relay parameters & load balancing, Unity power factor can be achieved easily.

Advantage of Celec APFC Panels

* Digital Display of Power saving.

* Power Monitoring of all electrical parameters.
* Easy installation, Openable type Current Sensors (CT).
* Wi – Fi
* True RSM Measurement