APFC Relay

APFC (Automatic Power Factor Controller) Relay uses to automate the capacitor bank. One of the most difficult roles in the place where a high and controlled amount of electricity is applied. This includes large factories, industries, schools or colleges. APFC Relays is especially necessary for colleges; because students are learning on the basis of the various types of voltage and ampere fluctuations in practical labs. However, all power factor correction relay cannot be too accurate and therefore, there is a need for a very accurate and precise control relay. Celec – Power Factor Controllers- Kvar Controller: Optimize power factor and control Kvar efficiently with APFC Relay celec’s advanced technology.

Easy Installation:

  • This Automatic power factor correction relay is very easy to install.
  • It does not in any way prove difficult to understand.
  • Furthermore, the size of the relay is small which only facilitates the ease of installation.

Long Life:

  • The Celec Automatic power factor controller relay has a very long life because of the durable materials used to manufacture it.
  • The device is also lightweight.


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