Laser Land Leveler

Celec laser land levelers with electronic system

Unevenness of the soil surface has a vital impact on the germination, stand and yield of crops through salutary water interaction and soil moisture dispensation pattern.
Celec Laser Land leveler helps to smoothing the land surface from its average height with a certain degree of the desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the field. The Laser land Leveller deeply shifts soil from the high levels of the field to the low levels and hence assists escalating the yielding ability of the soil.


  • Agriculture Land Levelling
  • Land Development
  • Sports Ground

Electric Saver

Products Celec Enterprises worldwide delivery Electric Saver USA-60-hz

Celec Electric Saver is designed to help you start saving electricity in your home, business, schools, and colleges up to 30%. It will increase the life of your appliances, air conditioners, pool equipment and other motor driven equipment.
It also helps to protect your home or business from power surges. The Power surge protection alone is worth the investment to protect your business as well property.

Unique Features

  • Digital Display of Power Saving
  • Power Monitoring of All Electrical Parameters
  • Easy Installation and pluggable
  • Power logger attachment against order

APFC Panel

Products Celec apfc panels 50hz manufacturer in ludhiana

Celec Automatic Power Factor Control Panel device to achieve unity of power factor. The Power Factor Controller of our APFC Panels monitor the reactive power which intern helps in saving energy. Celec APFC Panel is the first Indian Company UL-listed from the USA.
The money you will spend purchasing our unit will be return to you within a few months by the monthly savings you will receive with our product.


  • Energy saving up to 30%
  • Complete home surge suppression
  • Reduced heat from appliances
  • Increase the efficiency of renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar etc.
  • Increased life of inductive motors including air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, HVACs systems and more.

Power Factor Controller

Products Celec Power Factor Controller steps

Celec offers you a wide range of Power Factor Correction Relays suitable for all standards of applications. Their intelligent adaptation interface ensures balanced usage of capacitors based on the number of switching operations and the connection time of the each step, thus ensure the long life of the switchgear and capacitors.


  • Available steps: 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16
  • Compact size (96 × 96 mm) in 4, 6, 8 in 93 PFC.
  • Compact size (144 × 144 mm) in 6, 8, 12, 14, 16 in 63 PFC.
  • In built Auto / Manual Operation.
  • Micro Controller Based True RMS Measurement.

Single Phase Power Factor Panel

Products Celec  240v single phase power factor panels

Celec Single Phase Power Factor Controller specially designed to control components with static switches based on thyristor, which operate through a zero step controller and measure the reactive power of an installation and to give the necessary instruction for connection and disconnecting capacitors in order to maintain desired cosφ.


  • Reduction in Electricity Bills.
  • Improvement in line voltage.
  • Incentive on Electricity Bills in selected areas.
  • Filter the voltage for longer life of equipment.
  • Removal of power factor penalties demand charges.