12 Stages APFC Relay 240V 63PFC

Celec is the leading manufacturers and exporters of Automatic Power Factor Control  Relay.  APFC Relays  are used for power factor Improvement and automatic capacitor bank control where load fluctuates greatly with electric usage and inductive load.

Voltage Input240V, AC
Frequency46 to 65 Hz
Dimensions144 x 144 mm


 Voltage Input240 VAC (110V, 415V against order)
Current Input10mA to 5.00 Amp (Isolated)
Frequency45 to 65 Hz
Operating  Temperature10° to 70°C
Display Size1.00″ LED Display
Stages6, 8, 12, 14, 16
Target Power Factor Setting0.80 lag to 0.80 lead
Switching Time Setting
(a) On Delay 1 to 60 seconds
(b) Off Delay1 to 60 seconds
 Dead Band Setting0.01 to 0.20
Ampere Sensitivity Setting0.1 to 20 Amp
Control TypeBinary FIFO
CT Ratio ProgrammingAvailable
Manual OperationAvailable
Display ParametersPF, kVA, kVAr, Volt, Amp, KW
Relay Contacts7 Amp 250 VAC
Dimensions144mm (W) x 144mm (H) x 67mm (D)
Bezel/Panel Cut Out140mm x 140mm +/- 1mm
Weight1 Kg.


12 Stages APFC Relay 240V 63PFC

12 Stages APFC Relay 240V 63PFC is used, where the power factor load fluctuates greatly with variation. It check as shown above measurement of the power factor with set desired power factor and if it less than it gives the command to switch one step capacitor unit to get the desired set of power factor.

If examined power factor is more than set value of power factor, then it gives the command to switch off connected capacitor steps until unless it reaches the desired set of power factor value.

In the panel, capacitors are connecting and disconnect automatically with the help of automatic power factor correction relay.

APFC Relay use to automate capacitor bank and one of the most difficult roles in place where high and controlled amount of electricity is applicable.

This includes large factories or industries or schools or colleges.

APFC Relay is especially necessary for colleges; because students are learn on the basis of the various types of voltage and ampere fluctuations in practical labs.

However, all relays cannot be too accurate and therefore, there is a need of a very accurate and precise control relay.

Easy Installation of 12 Stages APFC Relay 240V 63PFC :

This APFC power factor control relay is very easy to install and does not in any way prove difficult to understand. Further, it is also small in size which only facilitates the ease of installation.

Intelligent Capacitor Status Indicator:

The intelligent capacitor status indicator of this power factor controller with display is one innovative idea. It indicates how many capacitors are switch on or off, thus adding an exclusive feature to the device.

Long Life (12 Stages APFC Relay 240V 63PFC)

The Celec display power factor controller has a very long life because of the durable materials used to manufacture it as well as the device is also lightweight.


Controller provides sign and control to contactors to reach unity power factor capacitor taking care of discharge time and switching control APFC relay is the main control device in automatic capacitor banks designed to run 24 hour continue.

  • Brand: Celec
  • Warranty Period in months: 12 months
  • Dimension in mm: 144 x 144 x 67
  • Product Type: Power Factor Control Relay
  • Colour: Black
  • Disclaimer: Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings

Features of 12 Stages APFC Relay 240V 63PFC :

Micro Controller Based TRUE RMS PF Measurement. Pluggable connectors plug and Play operation.

Auto / Manual operation:

Measurement sensitivity 0.1% (Class – 0.1) Bigger Display, Visibility from Distance.

Easy Installation:

User Friendly Program keys for Target PF, Switching on Delay, Off Delay and Manual Switching mode. Hunt free operation.

Multi Parameter front panel display parameters: PF, kvar, Current, Volt, kVA, KW, CT Ratio and Current Sensitivity.

In fact, it’s Available in 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16 stages Optional attachment:

  1. USB Data storage for 5 years
  2. Internet Connectivity and Online diagnose.


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