What is Laser Land Leveler ?

Laser Land Leveler is a more advanced technique for smoothing the land surface from its average height with a certain degree of the desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the field. Laser Land Levelling is an important technology for good agronomic, highest possible yield, crop-management, and water-saving.


  • To estimate the cost of laser land leveler operation.
  • To determine the effect of laser land leveling on the slope.
  • Determine the leveling parameters with the help of the Laser Land Leveler.
  • Determine the accuracy of leveling in laser-guided land leveler and traditional method.


  • Agriculture Land Levelling
  • Land Development 
  • Sports Ground

How does Laser Land Leveler work?

Laser land leveler agriculture

Working of Laser Land Leveller:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfIZAeouAGY&t=3s

With the help of a rotating laser leveler used to create a laser virtual plane above tractor so that tractor has driven hydraulic land leveler to follow the virtual level using laser receiver, move the soil to meet the zero land level throughout the field.Laser Land Leveler consists of a blade and bucket with acts as a soil cutter as well as a distributor so that irrigation water spreads evenly. Laser Levelled surface of the land has a major impact on germination, stand, the yield of crops, water, moisture and most importantly saving of water up to 35%.

Benefits of precise laser land leveling using Celec:

  • Saves irrigation water up to 35%
  • Reduced weed in agriculture field
  • Increase in the farming area up to 3.5%
  • Increase  productivity up to 50%
  • Reduced farm operating time by 10%
  • Assist tap soil management
  • Saves fuel/electricity used in irrigation
  • Saves labor cost

Features of Laser Land Leveler Agriculture:

  • Finest Touch Control for easy working.
  • Computerized self-calibration of laser land leveler in the field.
  • High power laser beam working up to 1500 meters (750 Meters Radius).
  • Laser Level accuracy ±1 mm at 30 meter.
  • Battery backup for 3 days.
  • Laser land leveler working under high temperature and magnetic field.
  • Waterproof, dustproof and temperature proof to work all-weather.
  • Housing made from LM-6 aluminum, rubber and high impact plastic.
  • Overvoltage and Reverse DC polarity protection.
  • Low Battery Detection.
  • Field-Programmable Slope.
  • All operations on remote and keyboard.