Slope Leveller Pro 8000

Celec group is the first to introduce the technology of Slope Laser Leveller for Farm, Fields/Lands with Subsidy Approved. Celec is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Slope Laser leveller which aims to ensure water conservation. Entire technologies were developed by Celec to achieve the highest laser range, high efficiency and accurate working of the rotary laser at high temperature. In house manufacturing, Development, and testing center for Laser Land Levelers. Get the maximum yield of crops using Celec Slope Laser Leveller.

 Working8 feet (2.4 mtr)
Suitable HP60 HP
Efficiency5 ltr/hour
 Range1500 meters
Hydraulic Pressure250 Bar Max
Operating Voltage12V DC

Dual Slope Laser Level Transmitter.

Operating Range*1500 meter (Radius 750 mtr)
Slope Setting Parameters
Inch50 inch
Dual Remote
IR Remote30 meters
2.4 Ghz Remote from Control Box500 meters
Rotating Speed600 RPM (Fixed)
DisplayLCD 16×2 Character
Laser Diode (type)5 mW, (Visible Red)
Battery12 V External (2V-7AH)
Battery Life 8-10 Hours with Full Battery
Operating Temperature0 to  ±50° C
Storage Temperature0 to  ± 60° C
Dust / Water ResistantIP65
ProtectionLow Battery, Reverse polarity
Weight2.7 kgs
Dimensions230 x 190 x 225 mm

Touch Control Box

ModelPro-Touch Slope
ControlsCombination of Touch, Lift Remote & Switch
DisplayAvailable, Programmable
GradeSeven Segment LED, Visible in Day Light
SwitchTouch Sensor Switch suitable for Dusty Condition
System Accuracy±5 mm
ProtectionAll Output Channels With short circuit Protection
TimerRunning Timer, Last Time, Total Working Hours
ChargeFor 12V Battery with Protection
Working IndicatorLaser ON, LIN with Receiver, Auto, Manual, Up, Down
IndicatorWorking channel, Time & Errors (LED for Up, Down, Link & Auto)
System Voltage12Vdc

Celec Laser Receiver

Voltage Range12V DC ± 20%
Max Current Consumption 200 mA
System Accuracy± 5 mm Adjustable
Laser RequirementAll Rotating Lasers (HeNe or IR)
Dust / Water ResistanceIP65
Pulse Display 10 Pulses per second
ProtectionReverse Polarity
Communication1 Wire
Weight2 Kg


Slope Laser Leveller Pro-8000

What is Slope Laser Leveller?

Slope Laser Levellers is most advance technique for highest possible yield, crop-management, agronomic and water saving. A rotating laser leveler made to create a laser virtual plane above tractor so that tractor driven hydraulic land leveler follow the virtual level using laser receiver, move the soil to meet the zero land level throughout field. Slope Laser Leveller consist of blade and bucket with act as soil cutter and distributor so that irrigation water spreads evenly. Laser Leveled surface of land has major impact on germination, stand, yield of crops, water moisture and most important saving of water up to 35%.

Celec group is the first to introduce the technology of Slope Laser Land leveller for Farm, Fields/Lands in India with Subsidy Approved. Celec is one of leading manufacturers of Laser land leveler which aim to ensure water conservation. Entire technologies are developed by Celec to achieve the highest laser range, high efficiency and accurate working of rotary laser at high temperature.

Celec Laser has been firstly tested and tried by our experts to ensure the quality. Especially the simplicity and accessibility of Celec Slope laser leveller allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks. Celec Slope laser leveller comes with rotary laser, laser level transmitter, touch control box and rotary laser receiver.

Features of slope Laser Leveller Pro-8000:-

  • Finest Touch Control for easy working.
  • Computerized self-calibration of laser guided land leveller in field.
  • High power laser beam working up to 1500 mtrs (750 Mtrs Radius)
  • Laser Level accuracy ±1 mm at 30 meter.
  • Battery backup for 3 days.
  • Laser land leveler working under high temperature and magnetic field.
  • Water proof dust proof temperature proof to work all weather.
  • Housing made from LM-6 aluminium, rubber and high impact plastic.
  • Over voltage and Reverse DC polarity protection.
  • Low Battery Detection
  • Field Programmable Slope
  • All operations on remote and keyboard

Advantages of Slope Laser Leveller Pro-8000 over traditional land leveling:

  • Good germination and growth of crop, uniformity in crop maturity
  • Reduce seed rate, fertilizer, chemicals, and fuel requirements
  • Conserve Water, Uniform Distribution of water.
  • Reduction in time and water required to irrigate the field
  • Precise level and smoother soil surface, easy land preparation
  • Uniform distribution of water in the field, less water consumption
  • Uniform moisture environment for crops, less problems
  • Improve field traffic ability for the subsequent field operations

Benefits of precise slope laser leveling using Celec Pro-8000:

  • Saves irrigation water up to 35%
  • Reduced weed in agriculture field
  • Increase in farming area up to 3.5%
  • Increase in productivity up to 50%
  • Reduced farm operating time by 10%
  • Assist tap soil management
  • Saves fuel/electricity used in irrigation
  • Saves labour cost


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