Harmonic Filters

Celec produce state of art Harmonic filter for 7%, 14% and above 14% VTHD. Our Detuned Harmonic filters are designed to revolutionize power factor correction and harmonic mitigation, elevating your electrical systems to new heights of performance.

Why Choose our Detuned Harmonic Reactors?

Celec Detuned Harmonic Reactors offer a powerful solution to address these challenges. Engineered with precision and backed by our decades of expertise, these reactors are a crucial component in maintaining the health of your electrical infrastructure.

Key Benefits:-

Enhanced Power Factor:

  • Harmonic reactors are designed to enhance PF, leading to improved energy utilization, reduced reactive power losses, and lower utility costs.
Harmonic Mitigation:
  • Apfc panel with a specific detuning factor, these reactors effectively mitigate harmonics, minimizing their impact on your systems and ensuring compliance with industry standards.
Reliable Performance:
  • Low heating loss due to minimum loss per kVAr attached.
  • Built with quality materials and advanced technology, our harmonic reactors provide consistent and reliable performance, even in demanding industrial environments.
Energy Efficiency:
  • By optimizing power factor and reducing harmonics, our reactors contribute to energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainability initiatives.


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