Laser Leveller

Celec Laser Leveller Kit is the entry into precision farming technology. Our electronic system laser leveler kits are designed to revolutionize the way you approach land leveling and ensure optimal crop yields and efficiency in the agricultural field. With precise land leveling, you can optimize irrigation, reducing water waste and ensuring that your crops receive the ideal amount of water for their growth.

Furthermore, fuel consumption for a laser land leveller is 4 liters per hour. The rotary laser level transmitter works up to 1500 meters, the laser land leveler has an accuracy of ±1 mm at 100 feet, and it works at high temperatures. Wireless and touch control. Especially rotary laser receivers operate fully under HT lines.

Celec has an in-house manufacturing, research, development, and testing center for the Laser Land Leveler system. It helps to get the maximum yield of crops, perfect for agriculture farms, as well as subsidy approved in India.

Celec Laser has been first tested and tried by our experts to ensure quality. Especially the simplicity and accessibility of Celec Laser Samtal allow operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks. The Celec Electronic system comes with a rotary laser, laser level transmitter, touch control box with remote, and rotary laser receiver.

Benefits of precise laser leveling:-

  • Saves irrigation water up to 35%
  • Reduced weed in agriculture fields
  • Increase in the farming area up to 3.5%
  • Increase in productivity up to 50%
  • Reduced farm operating time by 10%
  • Assist in top soil management
  • Saves fuel and electricity used in irrigation
  • Saves labor costs


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