Celec Laser Land Leveler

Celec laser land leveler  is perfect for Agriculture Laser Land Levelling, Subsidy approved in India. Longest range laser level transmitter 1500 meters (750 radius) and Computerized level self-calibration. In house manufacturing, Development and testing center for Laser Land Levellers. Rotary laser level accuracy +/- 1 mm at 30 meters and Fuel consumption 4 Liters/hr. Wireless and touch control, Laser receiver working fully under HT lines as well as Accurate working of rotary laser level at high temperature. Get the Maximum yield of crops using Celec Laser Land Leveller.

Celec laser land leveller has is major product for agriculture land leveling; where all the technologies were developed by celec to achieve the high efficiency, longest laser range and accurate working of laser at high temperature.


  • Good germination and growth of crop, uniformity in crop maturity
  • Reduce seed rate, fertilizer, chemicals, and fuel requirements
  • Conserve Water, Uniform Distribution of water.
  • Reduction in time and water required to irrigate the field
  • Precise level and smoother soil surface, easy land preparation


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