Celec Laser Land Leveller Pro-5000 Plus is perfect for Land Leveling, Subsidy Approved in INDIA. Celec Laser Samtal has a Long-range laser transmitter 1500 meters (750 radius), Computerized self-calibration. In house manufacturing, Development, and testing center for Laser Land Levelers, Rotary laser level accuracy +/- 1 mm at 30 meters, Fuel consumption 4 Liters/hr. Wireless and touch control, Laser receiver working fully under HT lines, Accurate working of the rotary laser at high temperature. Get the maximum yield of crops using Celec Laser Land Leveler (computer manjha).

 Working8 feet (2.4 mtr)
Suitable HP55-60 HP
Efficiency5 ltr/hour
 Range1500 meters
Hydraulic Pressure250 Bar Max
Operating Voltage 12V DC