Rotary Laser Transmitter

Celec group is the first to introduce the technology of Laser Land leveler for Farm, Fields/Lands in India with Subsidy Approved. Celec is one of leading manufacturers of Laser land leveler which aim to ensure water conservation. Entire technologies were developed by Celec to achieve the highest laser range, high efficiency and accurate working of rotary laser at high temperature.

Celec comes with Rotary Laser Transmitter, wireless remote, touch control and rotary laser receiver.

Rotary Laser Transmitter has Longest laser Range 1500 meters (750 radius), Computerized level self-calibration.

Features of Laser Land Leveler Kit:

  • Water proof dust proof temperature proof to work all weather.
  • Housing made from LM-6 aluminium, rubber and high impact plastic.
  • Over voltage and DC polarity protection.
  • Low voltage safe working.
  • One touch self-calibration infield.
  • High power laser beam.
  • Leveling accuracy ±5 cm @ 100 meter.
  • Manual grade.
  • External battery tor 3 days backup.


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