Rotary Laser Transmitter

Work Confidently with Celec Enterprises Self Leveling, Long Range, Highly Accurate Wireless Laser Transmitter with Windy function and also the Innovative Cross-Axis Compensation Feature.

Celec Laser Land leveller product category, where innovation meets efficieny in precision farming. As a leading manufacturer and exporter, Celec brings you Cutting-edge laser land leveller systems designed to transform agricultural practices and maximize crop yields.

Celec Laser land Leveler  is perfect for agriculture Laser guided Land Levelling, Subsidy approved in India. Long range laser level transmitter 1500 meters (750 radius) with Computerized level self-calibration. In-house manufacturing, Development and testing center for Laser Land Levellers. Rotary laser level accuracy +/- 1 mm at 30 meters, Fuel consumption 4 Liters/hr. It has Wireless and touch control box. Celec Rotary Laser receiver working fully under HT lines, Accurate working of rotary laser level at high  temperature. Get the Maximum yield of crops using  Celec Laser Land Leveler.

Package Includes: Rotary Laser Transmitter: Remote, Battery Charger, Manual Grade options.

Rotary laser Transmitter Features:

  • Water proof dust proof temperature proof to work all weather.
  • Housing made from LM-6 aluminium, rubber and high impact plastic.
  • Over voltage, and DC polarity protection. Low voltage safe working.
  • One touch self-calibration infield.
  • High power laser beam.
  • Levelling accuracy ±5 cm @ 100 meters.
  • Manual grade.
  • External battery to 3 days backup.

Benefits of precise laser land leveling using Celec

  • Saves irrigation water up to 35%.
  • Reduced weed in agriculture field.
  • Increase in farming area up to 3.5%.
  • Increase in productivity up to 50%.
  • Reduced farm operating time by 10%.
  • Assist tap soil management.
  • Saves fuel / electricity used in irrigation.
  • It saves labor cost.


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