208v Electric Saver

Electricity Saver 208v has variant models with different kvar. Celec Electric Saver is the Latest technology and high-efficiency electric power saving and can provide effective protection for electricity appliances.

 Celec Electricity Saver device have been our forte for Power Saving Solutions. We have Core Competence in the measurement and intelligent control of power factor even during power quality disturbances. So Electricity Saving box, which yield in low-carbon emission and power factor correction. Apart from this  Celec Power factor Correction is the first Indian Company UL-listed from USA.

208V Different models with different kvar:-

  •  15 kvar  S-15
  •  25 kvar S-25
  •  50 kvar  S-50
  • 100 kvar  S-100

These are the different  Models with different kvar.

3 Phase Electricity Saving box, Operating Ambient up-to 40°c. It helps to reduce the Electric Bills as well ass demand charges.


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