Power Factor Improvement

Celec Electricity  Saving Box helps to improve power factor to add power factor correction device to electrical systems. Power factor correction acts as a reactive current generators and provide perfect accuracy to electrical systems.

Three basic types of loads exist in circuits: Resistive loads, Capacitive loads and Inductive loads

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The Power factor improvement helps to correct the power factor. The Electric Saver help offset the non-working power used by inductive loads, thereby improving the power factor.

Celec Electricity Saver device have been our forte for Power Saving Solutions. We have Core Competence in the measurement and intelligent control of power factor even during power quality disturbances. So Electricity Saving box, which yield in low-carbon emission and power factor correction. Apart from this Celec Power factor Correction is the first Indian Company UL-listed from USA.

How Electricity Saver works:- 

  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Reduced current on main line
  • Surge suppression for transient voltages
  • Filters input voltage from noise and impurity


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