Celec Agriculture Land Leveller  is perfect for Laser Land Levelling, Subsidy approved in India. Long range laser level transmitter 1500 meters (750 radius) and Computerized level self-calibration, In house manufacturing, Development and testing center for Laser Land Levellers, Rotary laser level accuracy +/- 1 mm at 30 meters,  Fuel consumption 4 Liters/hr. Wireless and touch control, Laser receiver working fully under HT lines, Accurate working of rotary laser level at high temperature. Maximum yield of crops using Celec Laser Land Leveler.


  • Finest Touch Control for easy working.
  • Computerized self-calibration of laser land leveler in field.
  • High power laser beam working up to 1500 mtrs (750 Mtrs Radius)
  • Laser Level accuracy ±1 mm at 30 meter.
  • Battery backup for 3 days.
  • Laser land leveler working under high temperature and magnetic field.
  • Water proof dust proof temperature proof to work all weather.
  • Housing made from LM-6 aluminum, rubber and high impact plastic.
  • Over voltage and Reverse DC polarity protection.
  • Low Battery Detection
  • Field Programmable Slope
  • All operations on remote and keyboard


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