Power Factor Controller/Correction Unit E-50 (Industrial Three Phase) 440V -India

Applicable Load 50-80 KW
Power Rating 50 kVAr
Voltage Rating 440/415V AC 50Hz
Size 30″ x 24″ (8″ depth)


Order Code E-50
Applicable max load 50 – 80 KW
Power Rating 50 kVAr
Rated Voltage 440 / 415V AC 50 Hz
Phase Type 3 – Phase balanced
Full Load Current 69 Amp.
No. of Channels 6
Channel kVAr 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 15
Accuracy 2 kVAr
Size 30″ x 24″ (8″ depth)
Gross Weight (Approx.) 54 Kg


Certificate Europe


Installation Manual


The Smart Power Factor Controller understands power consumption and sets the capacitance saving level. It’s energy consumption monitor allows energy use to be optimized in real time with a Bluetooth connection. This unit has been designed for load fluctuations and maximizes in-phase energy. This intelligent monitoring increases potential energy savings at low and at peak energy demand levels. Can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like Solar Panel, Wind Turbine and Inverters etc.

Unique Features

  • Digital Display of Power Saving
  • Power Monitoring of All Electrical Parameters
  • Easy Installation, Pluggable Current Sensors
  • Power logger attachment against order

How It Works

  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Reduced current on main line
  • Surge suppression for transient voltages
  • Filters input voltage from noise and impurity


  • Reduction in Electricity Bills
  • Improvement in line voltage
  • Incentive on Electricity Bills in selected areas
  • Filter the voltage for longer life of equipments
  • Removal of power factor penalties demand charges


• Energy saving up to 30%
• Complete home surge suppression
• Reduced heat from appliances
• Increased life of inductive motors including air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, HVACs systems and more
• Increase the efficiency of renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar etc.


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