Single Phase Power Factor Panel Es-1E

Do you own a Residential property and are paying high electric bills?
Celec is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of APFC Panel which aims to improve power quality issues including power factor correction and electrical harmonics.

We can help you save on appliances such as:

  • Freezers
  • Well Pumps
  • Air Conditioners
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Pool Equipment
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Motorized Gates
  • Jacuzzi Pumps
  • Waterfall/Fountain Pumps
  • Refrigerators
  • and more.

The money you will spend purchasing our unit will be return to you within a few months by the monthly savings you will receive with our product. Anything After will be profit for you. The APFC Panel is easily installed. You will also receive an additional bonus of 10,000 reactive amp (2,000 Joules) surge protection. We provide a 2 Year Warranty and the product also has a 20+ year lifespan.



Single Phase Power Factor Panel ES-1E

Celec Single Phase Power Factor panel ES-1E monitor the power factor from current transformer (CT) and switch the capacitors to maintain  power saving level. Single phase power factor panel is designed for load and voltage fluctuations. Intelligent monitoring increase the power savings at low, high and peak power demand levels. Can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like Solar Panel, Wind Turbine and Inverters etc.

 Celec Electricity Saver device have been our forte for Power Saving Solutions. We have Core Competence in the measurement and intelligent control of power factor even during power quality disturbances. So Electricity Saving box, which yield in low-carbon emission and power factor correction. Apart from this  Celec Power factor Correction is the first Indian Company UL-listed from USA.

So Electricity saving Device understands power consumption and sets the capacitance saving level. Moreover Its energy consumption monitor allows energy use to optimized in real-time with a Bluetooth connection. This unit has designed for load fluctuations and maximizes in-phase energy. This intelligent monitoring increases potential energy savings at low and at peak energy demand levels. Electricity Saver can used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like Solar Panel, Wind Turbine and Inverters etc.

APFC Panel –

Unique Features of Single Phase Power Factor Panel ES-1E:

  • Digital Display of Power Saving
  • Power Monitoring of All Electrical Parameters
  • Easy Installation and Pluggable Current Sensors
  • Power logger attachment against order


 How Single Phase Power Factor Panel ES-1E Works:- 

  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Reduced current on main line
  • Surge suppression for transient voltages
  • Filters input voltage from noise and impurity

Advantages of Single Phase Power Factor Panel ES-7000:

  • Reduction in Electricity Bills
  • Improvement in line voltage
  • Incentive on Electricity Bills in selected areas
  • Filter the voltage for longer life of equipment
  • Removal of power factor penalties demand charges

BENEFITS of Single Phase Power Factor Panel ES-1E:-

  • Energy saving up to 30%
    • Complete home surge suppression
    • Reduced heat from appliances
    • Increased life of inductive motors including air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, HVACs systems and more
    • Increase the efficiency of renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar etc.


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